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Supreme is a botanical extract based product used in controlling all in one function like Fungal, Bacterial, Viral and common Sucking pest in Field crops, Vegetables and Horticultural Applications.

       (A) Key Benifits :-

  • It is unique organically manufactured product.
  • It is 100% Non-toxic product and safe for environment.
  • It used for fungal, viral and common sucking pest.
  • It will give result immediately and recover the plants from damage of insects and pathogens.
  • It will increase the production and quality of plants.

    (B)   Target Crops :- Soyabean, Cow pea, Pea, Paddy, Cotton, Tomato, Chilli and all crops.

    (C)   Dose :-  30 ML Per Pump.  


Viron is a unique blend of eco-friendly viricide and plant extracts that are known to have virucidal properties.

        (A) Key Benefits :-  

  • Eco-friendly Product
  • Can be used for preventive and curative action.
  • Immediate results and no side effects.
  • Control of wide range of virus.

(B)  Target Crops :- Tomato, Chillies, Papaya, Opium, Cucurbits, cotton, tobacco, vegetables and all crops.

(C). Dose :- 30 ML@ Pum

                                      Soil Update

 Soil update is a highly effective organic constituent that decreases the unwanted minerals and salts in the barren, hard soil and the maintains the pH level and increases the fertility of the soil.

        (A) Key Benefits :-

  • Soil update increases the texture of soil.
  • Soil update improves pH of the soil.
  • Using soil update washes the salt present in top layer of the soil.
  • Washing away of salt increases the growth and strength of root and root hair from initial stage.
  • Washes away the hard salt present in the soil and thus helps  in the rapid growth of the plant development of root and root hair helps the plant to absorb water, phosphorus and potash present in the soil.

         (B) Dose :- 500ML@200 Litre water


 Sniper is a research based product of herbal base insecticide with high efficiently non-toxicity. It gives knock down to all type of chewing pest like Army Worm, Moth, Cotton bollworm, Armyworm, Black moth, Lepidoptera, Heliothis, Brinjal Shoot borer and fruit borer.

       (A)  Key Benefits :-

  • Sniper is a unique nano technology based product
  • It is safe for environment and animal and humans
  • It is used for chewing pest
  • Will give 100% result in 48 hours
  • It can be use in all crops.

        (C) Dose :- 5ML@Pump


Shooter is a unique organically produced insecticide. It is based on nanoparticles of botanical extract. It gives control of all types of chewing insect larva.

        (A) Key Benefits :-

  • Shooter is herbal product.
  • It is contact and systemic controls of insect.
  • It is used all type of larva.

       (B) Target Crops :- Soyabean, Cotton, Paddy, Cowpea,  Arhar, Tomato, Chillies, Vegetables and all crops.

       (C) Dose :- 25 ML@ Pump


Devine is a unique natural bio stimulant specially designed for foliar application. All the component of devine are 100% natural, so they easily integrate with the plant metabolism.

      (B) Key Benefits :-

  •  Optimal combination of components with bio stimulating activity.
  • Initiates cell division of the plants & enhances photo synthesis activity.
  • High concentration of free amino acids and stable organic materials.
  • Stimulate the flowers and fruits setting.
  • Tolerance against different agro-climatic conditions and biotic stresses.
  • Compatible with conventional pesticides and foliar spray fertilizers.
  • Ultimately Devine increase crop yield and improves crop quality.

       (C) Use :- Devine can be use all crops and applied during all stages of vegetables, horticultures and floricultures etc.

       (D) Dose :- 25 ML@ Pump.


 Tez is a research manufactured by using an amazing fusion of natural extracts. It is an effective remedy for all crops like Thrips, aphid, jasids, leafminer, white fly and mites. It is non toxic when used in agriculture, human beings, birds and animals.

(A). Target Crops :- Cotton, tomato, chillies, soyabean, vegetables and all type of crops.

(B). Dose :- 25 ML@ Pump

                                      Field Guard

Field guard is a combination of herbal extract and smelling agent derived from natural. It is an area repellent showing repellent effect on the field rodents, pigs, and nilgai in various crops via Rice, Maize, Banana, Ground Nut and other many crops. The animals were repelled from the applied areas and thus could not inhabit inside. The product is neither toxic nor harmful to handle.

      (A) Key Benefits :-

  •  Protect crops from Rabbit, Pig, Nilgai animals.
  • 100% organic, eco friendly & safe from crops.
  • It can repelled the animal from 15-30 days.
  • 40 ML/15 Litre dose cover 3-5 feet surrounding border area of field.
  • It can be use in all crops.


 Silkon is a unique product that helps to reduce input by minimizing wastage and enhances the efficiency of pesticide. Silkon is blend of poly oxy alky ether. Compatible of all fungicides, insecticides, bio pesticides, herbicides, plant growth regulator and foliar micro nutrients, fertilizers.

Dose :- 2-3 ML@ 15 Litre of water

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